Enigmas, 2015.

Centro Municipal de Arte

Hélio Oiticica,

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.




Recent works

Recent works

The exhibition, which , according to the artist , could also be classified as a installation is constructed as a kind of laboratory , and makes use of images , fossils, skin pieces and salt boxes, all to reference objects which humans have contact since humanity began to develop .


"Among the elements that most attract the attention of visitors is a reproduction of the Greek alphabet - the intention is to show how human beings began to develop and to improve writing. A kind of record of the beginning of written culture , "says the artist  , exhibiting works from the 1960s and , in 1976 , had works exhibited at the Venice Biennale .


Carlos Brito


( Source : Jornal O Dia )

Posted on March 12, 2015








Per gli Ucelli.

Installation, Octógono,

Pinacoteca do estado,

São Paulo, Brasil

Imagens em migracao, 2009

Retrospectiva, MASP

Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Casas Ubu, 2008

Galeria Vermelho

São Paulo, Brasil.

In Casasubu series, Vera Chaves Barcellos , digital manipulation is used not to " make up " the real - as some fans would interpret the analogical technology , but as a representation of reality strategy. The artist used an application and processing of images softwares so as to highlight the variety of architectural styles and materials used in the construction of houses of a beach in Espirito Santo, Brazil. In the act of cut, paste and overlay fragments of images , the artist refers to the  constructive model of houses : built as if they were photomontages .


In its deliberate manipulation of the real , Vera Barcellos differs from the stance that ruled much of the documentary film of the twentieth century : the principle of non- interference.



O Grão da Imagen, 2007

Retrospectiva 40 anos da artista

Santander Cultural

Porto Alegre, Brasil.